What We Do

What We Do
Mobile Technology

iORMYX has a practice-based focus on mobile technologies and application development. Collectively, our team has an array of skill sets to help our customers and partners with innovative solution offerings across multiple platforms. With expertise in both mobile apps development and device-enabling for mobile technologies, Tratum provides a one stop shop to customize an application tailored to your business.

We are prepared to implement and scale the following application features for both iOS and Android:

  • GPS integration to enable consumer networking
  • AIccelerometer and gyroscope integration
  • Modern, user friendly UI and UX
  • Mobile-enabled field service
  • Mobile-enabled supply chain solutions

Efficiency is key when developing a systematic and focused approach to logistics. A strong, robust mobile application can remedy logistical inefficiencies by improving the following:

  • Supply-chain management
  • Inventory management
  • End-to-end product tracking
  • Automated tracking for customers

iORMYX is equipped to provide a number of distinct mobile solutions to complement logistical systems. For example, GPS integration in mobile application can provide real time tracking of people and goods from a centralized location. This gives businesses the peace of mind that they can manage their flow of goods from point of origin to point of consumption via mobile delivery. Employees are also enabled to better track physical items as well as abstract items such as time, information, and energy. We have experience in GPS integration, among other features, to help optimize logistical fallacies.

Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Portals
  • Database Modeling, Design, Development and Management
  • Data Migration
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Machiene Learning
Scalable and adaptable solution for seamless transition to a new learning platform
Moving to a new learning platform can be challenging or institutions both large and small. Course migration is often one of the most important activities in such transformations. This activity takes a lot of time, planning and effort and proves harder than expected. Tratum’s course migration solution, supported by our Visual Course Designer, enables automated migration of course packages between differing eLearning course-packaging formats. Our Course Migration process helps clients switch from their current LMS to a new LMS platform without losing their valuable course content. We make the course migration process structured by conducting the transition in a faster and more predictable way without relying on manual tasks. Our technology enables structured transformation of course extracts that adhere to standard content format (SCORM, IMS, et al) between industry leading Course Management Systems including open source solutions. It provides an easy-to-use interface and is designed for intuitive use by instructional designers and teaching faculty. Our process addresses the migration of content to the native format of the target platform, either as individual courses or bulk migration. Our system of content migration makes sure the continuity is maintained for the learners and the time and costs are saved for the clients. We have helped many universities and higher education institutions with the seamless transformation of their LMS by moving thousands of courses from their current LMS to new platforms.
Over the years we have migrated over 10,000 courses, enabling thousands of students to learn in a more efficient way
Cloud Solutions/Migrations
We have our certified professionals on leading cloud platforms (Google, Amazon and Azure) who will help our customers in migrating their current infrastructure to these platforms and maintain them based on the requirements. Most of the time customers will have some in house infrastructure which needs to be communicating to the cloud platform, some cases complete infrastructure will be on the cloud platform.We handle all these scenarios and help our customers in the complete migration to cloud and support is given with passion. Our services include creating the server instances using the console or by using scripting(JSON or Python). Suggesting the server capacities needed for various operations, best storage methods, we follow best practices by the cloud platform used, help customers in handling the connections allowed to the servers, keep the servers safe by enabling the necessary network protections etc.
In addition to the features above, we are committed to developing other new and creative solutions tailored to meet your business challenges.

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End-to-end application development coverage


Maintenance and testing services designed to support growth

Application Integration

Retrofitting application integration to complement existing systems


Technical expertise and around the clock support

Here are some of the fields we are equipped to create mobile solutions for:

Field Force Automation

iOT related developments

Cloud Migration