Profitability Framework


With the emergence of the Internet as the prime communication medium, the IT landscape has changed dramatically. While there were islands of data operating within specialized domains, now a seamlessly connected chain of information producers and consumers has been emerging. iORMYX is at the forefront of the ongoing transformation of disconnected IT systems into the Internet Integration Chain.

iORMYX has distilled its 10+ years of global IT consulting knowledgebase into a set of business frameworks that can be used to time-compress the learning curve associated with large-scale application design, planning and implementation. These frameworks eliminate the design errors that are the true obstacles to successful integration of information sources.

Implementing these frameworks leverages the latest advances in Application Architecture and Communication, to provide the optimum combination of appropriate technology. Rather than endorsing a particular academic technology fad, the iORMYX Profitability Frameworks picks proven technologies from real world best practices and brings them together in a cohesive extensible set that adds value.

The iORMYX Profitability framework does not sacrifice the practical for the sake of vendor endorsed technology purity. iORMYX believes that in the real world, technology that works and is reliable, scalable and most importantly works profitably, is what merits long term investment of time and money. iORMYX has evolved a set of iORMYX Profitability Frameworks service offerings that together implement the Internet Integration Chain.


The maturity and stability of Internet-based secure transport protocols, combined with the broad support for these protocols across software platforms,is enabling businesses to develop new ways of facilitating efficient and automated interactions. With AXE, you can easily integrate your applications with other applications (A2A), enable communication between your business and others (B2B) by seamlessly connecting to interfaces as well as to custom interfaces.