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CRM/Help Desk implementation & support



The iORMYX Customer Relationship Management team addresses one area of our eBusiness Relationship Management team. In many organizations, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) process is accomplished by extracting a limited amount of data from Enterprise accounting systems and by managing the customer contact information with a very limited tools. Sometimes an ERP system is used as the customer management system with no capabilities to annotate or reuse information about customers, which is of vital importance to retain customers and improve business.

There is a new wave of competition created by the worldwide opening of economies, the proliferation of border-less trading and the ubiquity of the Internet. These challenges are opportunities for smart companies that have changed and built a good customer care model to recruit and retain customers. This worldwide opening up is happening at Internet speed. Now the importance of customer care has increased more than ever before and sooner rather than later many market segment leaders will miss opportunities and lose market share due to one and only one reason: They did not build a business model where customer retention was the primary goal. Smaller more rapidly changing companies will take their market share away. This is evident in all open economies and there is renewed interest in creating large corporations that behave like small corporations do, interacting with customers with a personal touch. This can only be done with a comprehensive overhaul of their enterprise-customer view and by treating the customer as the most valuable asset of a company.

If eCommerce is applied without a ERM/CRM business model to support it, customers tend to remain in the window shopping phase and the enterprise-customer relationship will be built with an IP Number as the place holder for a customer.

The iORMYX ERM/CRM practice involves both technology and business process used in these areas. This is a very large area of an enterprise management using IT and involves many more functions than a conventional ERP implementation. There are various phases of customer interaction from marketing campaigns to sales coordination and communication, fulfillment, account management, customer feedback management, products return or repair service, field services, deployment of service personnel, warranty, technical support and help desk support for the customers in usage of the product or services.

As the competition increases, more and more companies have started to look at the strategic value of vendors as well as customers. In totality, the domain of ERM covers the following relationship domain for people:

The iORMYX ERM/CRM Practice covers primarily the following areas:
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Mobile Computing and synchronization
  • Web Based Sales Management & Support
  • Sales Knowledge Management
  • Sales and Pricing Management
  • Customer Support / Help Desk
  • Field Service
  • Web Based Customer Support and self-service
  • Call Center Management
  • Web Center Management
  • Customer Interaction & Management
  • Productivity Enhancement tools
iORMYX is a non-biased recommender of solutions that best fit a customer requirement without being aligned to any particular vendor or vendor’s product. iORMYX is geared to recommend a suite of commercially available system products that meet requirements most economically and efficiently, and fit together seamlessly and with a common look and feel. iORMYX will design a complete integrated system solution around the selected package(s), including customization of individual packages, and linking packages together and to your other systems.