Enterprise Portalization

iORMYX Enterprise Portalization

Traditional organizational methods for individually gathering, storing, accessing, reusing and maintaining the humongous quantities of data & information within an enterprise are becoming overwhelmed. Multiple sources, sinks and flows of information, multiple user accesses and multiple applications lead to a complex, confusing and inefficient network of organizational resources.

Organizations are increasingly turning to Enterprise Portals to ensure access to this information overload, manage all this data, convert data to information, derive knowledge from information and, ultimately, create corporate wisdom and profit. Merrill Lynch defines an Enterprise Portal as “an application that enables companies to unlock internally and externally stored information, and provides users a single gateway to personalized information needed to make informed business decisions.”

In order to achieve these goals, Enterprise Portals have to manage multiple information repositories (structured and unstructured) across the enterprise, including but not limited to, Internet/Intranet, Email, Document Management systems and Line of Business Applications. Once accomplished, an Enterprise-wide flow of information enables organizations to implement complex, enterprise-wide portalization initiatives, some of which are listed below.


Enterprise Portals fulfill a growing need in today’s complex business world that increasingly requires customization and personalization as an essential part of today’s eDesktop. Portals meld employees, suppliers, vendors and customers into a single point source of information and in doing so form the approved source of all intra & extra-enterprise information. This enables employees to make consistent and informed decisions at all points of time and at all locations…