DOT STATUS CONTRACT DTTS59-01-D-00843(Operational & Maintenance)

DOT STATUS CONTRACT DTTS59-01-D-00843(Operational & Maintenance)

1. Operation Maintenance Support Specialized Technical Area
2. Operation Maintenance Support Labour Category Description
3. Operation Maintenance Fully Loaded Labour Rates

Technical Expertise
Operation Maintenance Support

iORMYX has significant operation and maintenance experience with legacy and current systems and has supported a number of different kinds of applications as described below.

Administrative, Business and Financial Systems

iORMYX has implemented many administrative, business, and financial systems in organizations all over the world. The systems that we have implemented cover many core areas, including the following:

  • Customer Support and Help Desk (CRM)
  • Field Service
  • Financial Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Inventory and Purchase Order Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Sales Order and Invoicing
  • Supply Chain Management

Many of the implementations involved integration with legacy systems and massaging and loading of data. iORMYX has experience with every segment of the full software development life cycle. In the implementations, iORMYX has developed applications from ground up as well as taken COTS packages, customized them to suit the needs of the customer, and implemented the customized package. iORMYX has used legacy, state-of-practice, or state-of-art technology in these implementations, depending on the customer’s current requirements and future plans.

Artificial Intelligence, Database, Data Warehouse, Data Mining, Data Storage

iORMYX’ expertise in database covers the five major vendors: Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, Sybase, and Informix on a variety of hardware/operating system platforms which include Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Windows NT, and Windows 2000. iORMYX also has considerable experience with the mobile versions of Oracle and Sybase (Oracle Lite and Sybase /SQL Anywhere). iORMYX engineers have set up database systems that have sizes going to multi-terabytes. We have implemented database systems with advanced replication on server clusters.

In addition, iORMYX has worked in organizations where heterogeneous databases exist and the requirement ranged from seamless transfer of data between these databases to management, configuration, and performance management of these systems. iORMYX has used Veritas, Sun Volume Manager, and other tools to set up file systems. It has also carried out considerable work in designing backup strategies, recovery procedures, and disaster management routines. iORMYX has worked on many data warehousing projects, starting from the design of data warehouses, setting up ETL engines, configuring routines to extract, transform, and load data from OLTP systems and legacy systems into the repository, developing reports on the data warehouse and maintaining the data warehouse as it grew. Tools such as Informatica and Mercator were used. iORMYX has implemented many solutions for helping customers mine their data: complex queries running in parallel mode, caching of data, creation of data marts, etc. iORMYX has implemented storage solutions using EMC and Hitachi hardware in SAN and NAS modes.

Data Storage and Retrieval

With the growing trend towards storage management, iORMYX engineers extended their expertise in various operating systems, hardware platforms, and databases to storage architecture. iORMYX has worked with hardware such as the Sun E10K class, HP-V class, Sequent Numa-Q, DEC Alpha TRU, EMC Symmetrix systems. In the storage area iORMYX has worked in the following disciplines:

  • EMC Symmetrix architecture
  • RAID methodology
  • Hardware and software striping using RAID for Databases
  • Using LVM for software striping
  • UNIX device management
  • Storage Tek and Redwood drives
  • Backup tape technology and DLT drives
  • Backup software (Legato, Oracle RMAN and EBU, Networker, etc.)

iORMYX typically performs the following required activities when designing and implementing scalable storage and retrieval architectures:

  • Understand the enterprise’s hardware and network architecture
  • Obtain details of server hardware components
  • Educate the customer on available server hardware technologies
  • Explain the different hardware configurations for SMP and MPP Implementations
  • Study the organization’s hardware disaster recovery planning and identify current industry implementations
  • Understand existing client firmware
  • Understand existing client media management technology and practices
  • Understand the client’s existing applications – ERP, Mail, Front Office, others
  • Isolate storage and processing
  • Recommend backup technologies and implementation
  • Define a complete project plan for overall technology implementation of data storage and retrieval architecture.

Diverse Software, Firmware, Middleware, Customized and COTS Products, and ITO/Customer Applications

iORMYX services expanded over the past ten years because of its strategy of providing a foundation to its personnel consisting of core technologies (operating systems, database, programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, CORBA, COM/DCOM, Web technologies), and supplementing these skills with packages. iORMYX has both formal and informal working relationships with many COTS vendors. iORMYX has implemented solutions with the following COTS and middleware products:


iORMYX will propose a Task Order Manager (O & M)/ Project Manager for the C.4.3 specialized technical area. (Labor Rate Category- Project Manager)