Commerce Integration

Commerce Integration

Our Commerce Integration practice was created to bring together the different technologies and processes that go into the conception, design, implementation, refinement and maintenance of e-Business Commerce systems. This includes all systems supporting business activities that use telecommunications and computer technology to exchange currency and financial information between companies and customers (B2C E-Commerce) as well as between companies (B2B E-Commerce).

iORMYX’s Commerce Integration practice has an established history of delivering solutions by unifying disparate technologies to support client needs. Integrating heterogeneous systems is one of our specialties.

iORMYX works with you to bring E-Commerce sites online, providing multi-disciplinary expertise bringing together skills in best of breed Very Large Databases (VLDB), Transaction Monitors, Application Servers, Scripting Languages and High Performance Data interfaces in Java and C++, CORBA. Our Domain Experts will guide and assist in the design and implementation of High Volume, High Security E-Commerce Web Sites.

We have corporate Intranet based knowledge management and delivery systems for the past five years that has increased our speed in delivering the latest and best technology to the customer by leveraging the Total Knowledgebase of the customer. In effect the customer is getting value from the whole knowledge base of the company.

Whether it is a simple Intranet or a major Web presence or a preparation for E-Commerce infrastructure to re-deploy the core capabilities of the customer to win in the E-Commerce era, iORMYX has a solution for you. The responsible consulting methodology used by iORMYX will be of added value when the definition of E-Commerce itself is vague and everybody is trying to figure out what it really can do for him or her. iORMYX can take the confusion of the E-Commerce and create ONLY the required and necessary Internet enabling of the systems and process to take advantage of the New World order.

iORMYX has expertise in the following areas :
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