Application Integration

Application Integration

iORMYX has a scalable and extensible data integration platform to address the growing need to measure and monitor all the aspects of business and services, and to do it in real time. iORMYX platform, packed with industry best-practice metrics, can source data from virtually all sources, including ERP, CRM, Procurement, XML, Real-time messaging, Mainframe, AS/400 and Legacy Systems…

iORMYX’s Application Integration Solutions tap the extensive ERP/EAI expertise within its technical pool to provide a focused approach to the most sought after systems requirement in this decade. Business Application Integration is one of the complex, fastest growing markets.

Business integration is essential to achieve a high Return On Opportunity (ROO) and generate new top-line revenue growth. Quantifying ROO makes more business sense than ROI. The quicker and more accurate any Information can be exchanged, the better for survival in today’s competitive world. Therefore there is a need for Businesses and systems to become more efficient and to start communicating with one another without manual intervention.

The EAI domain consists of software called Middleware, which sits between different applications and intelligently translates and routes data between them. The information is exchanged in a standard format called XML (Extensible Markup Language), which is endorsed by a consortium comprising of major industry leaders. Although there are myriad vendors that offer a variety of approaches, iORMYX has associated itself with organizations such as Active Software and eXcelon to provide Business-to-Business and application-to-application integrated solutions to its customers.

iORMYX has specialized expertise and experience in the following areas:

Data Interface Validation and Standardization
High Throughput
Manage Complex Data & Workflow Requirements
Middleware Connectors
XML Framework Engine.
API Level Error Reporting & Management
Configurable & Dynamic Integration Process
B2E, B2B, B2C Platforms
eBiz Appliance