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Who We Are

iORMYX is a Herndon, VA based minority owned corporation that has significant expertise in database management, software & support, applications support, Data Warehousing and wireless / mobile technologies.Over the years, iORMYX has built a strong reputation as one of the leading IT services providers in the Worldwide Commercial IT Solutions Market. During the year 2000, it started providing its IT Solutions expertise to the Government IT Solutions Market.

What We Do

Mobile Technology

iORMYX has a practice-based focus on mobile technologies and application development.


Efficiency is key when developing a systematic and focused approach to logistics.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence solutions add a new dimension to decision making.


Moving to a new learning platform can be challenging or institutions both large and small. Course migration is often one of the most important activities in such transformations

Cloud Solutions/Migrations

We have our certified professionals on leading cloud platforms who will help our customers in migrating their current infrastructure to these platforms and maintain them based on the requirements.

Why Work with Us?

  • End-to-end application development coverage
  • Maintenance and testing services designed to support growth
  • Retrofitting application integration to complement existing systems
  • technical expertise and around the clock support